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CREAR offers volunteer opportunities through our internship program, and our group volunteer program. The opportunities we offer are customized and can cover a wide variety of projects such as teaching ESL and art, communications and digital arts, operations, finance, environmental conservation, public health, sports, science and more.

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CREAR is reaching out to group volunteer and travel organizations in order to build lasting relationships, which will help our organization accomplish meaningful community projects.

The volunteer activities available differ depending on the group's demographics, size, age and expertise. Activities include working with children (e.g planning fun activities, sports clinics, science  experiments), teaching English, helping with environmental conservation, refurbishing the health clinic and having nutrition or hygiene fairs.


Besides the volunteer activities, the group program also includes cultural activities (e.g salsa dance lessons, cooking lessons in a local home, Spanish classes, local barbecue) and, if desired, more adventurous activities such as zip lining, surf/stand up lessons, kayak tours, and Eco Hikes.

Group Volunteer
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CREAR has hosted lacrosse teams who have volunteered together with
youth, adolescents, and adults. This is a very good way for teams to build relationships with one another as well as spread their passion for their sport. Athletics are a wonderful medium for cultural exchange.

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Many groups have participated in volunteer activities focused on
environmental conservation and education. Some of the volunteer activities include tree planting, making a community garden, beach clean-ups and turtle conservation
efforts. CREAR recently contributed to earning Playa Samara the bandera azul (Blue Flag) which recognizes our town as clean and up to  environmental standards set by
the Costa Rican government.

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Our organization has developed a working relationship with the health
clinic in the community. We have had volunteers helping to refurbish the clinic as well as hold health fairs in which they provide information on nutrition, diabetes, general hygiene, and more. We are able to set up specific projects through the
health clinic based on a group’s area of expertise.

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CREAR has consistently offered English courses through our after school programs as well as additional English Intensive learning initiatives. Learning English is very important in this community, due to the large economic reliance on tourism. Teaching English is a great way for groups to interact and leave a lasting impact on the youth in this community.

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CREAR has been able to contribute many beneficial community spaces to Samara and the surrounding towns. We have built and refurbished parks, recreational fields, beach walkways, schools, and community centers. We also operate a public library. These activities are great because they
incorporate the volunteers and the people of the community, often working side by side.


CREAR welcomes university classes and student groups to volunteer at our organization. Our organization is ideal for students studying or interested in education, child development, non-profit management, Latin American issues, and international development. All of our programs can be tailored towards the needs and interests of each
individual group. Past universities who have volunteered include: Pace University, Delta
College, and Peru State University.

We offer:

  • Hands on field experience in volunteering on a wide variety of projects

  • The opportunity to conduct ethnographic observations and interviews with
    students, teachers, parents, and other members of the community

  • The ability to gain insights into the internal operations of a non-profit, through
    extensive contact with the director and administrative team

  • Customized programs that have been optimized through feedback from hundreds of volunteers and interns

  • Arrangement of all airport transfers, accommodation, food, and activities during
    your stay here -- no need to book anything but flights


Day 01


Arrive in LIR airport, take a CREAR-arranged transfer to Playa Sámara. Meet
NGO staff, teachers, and students.

day 02

crear day

Experience an enriching cultural exchange with our local youth and have the opportunity to meet the population that CREAR serves. We will organize field day type games, practice our Spanish & English, learn about each other’s cultures, and share delicious refreshments.

Day 03

teaching day

Sit inside classes and have personal interactions with students, teachers, and parents. See first hand how the education system in Costa Rica operates.

day 04

ocean conservation day

Volunteers receive an informative presentation about marine debris, followed by a clean-up of our local beach, and a recap of all that was gathered combined with a brainstorming session for how we can each make individual choices to help improve the problem of pollution in our eco-system.  

day 05

adventure day

Enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, hiking, and everything else that Costa Rica has to offer. CREAR can arrange all activities for you.

day 06


Take a CREAR-arranged transfer to LIR airport.



The opportunities for volunteering and internships with CREAR are endless, and depending on your strengths, interests, experiences, and skill set we will find a place for you! Below are some ways you can become involved with us.

Depending on the position, you will be
expected to commit 20 to 35 hours per week. If you are interested in participating in an extended program, such as our Semester, or Full Year  programs, contact us for more information on those opportunities.

Individual Intenship


  • Art Teacher Aide

  • English Teacher Aide

  • Communications and Digital Arts Intern

  • Strategic Development and Operations Intern


Our internship program applications are open! Please inquire for dates and additional information. 

We would love to have you work with us in Playa Sámara! Please complete the application (found on the left side of the page) and we will be in touch regarding the next steps! 


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