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Our impact lies at the heart of everything we do here at Crear; in the way we partner with our communities, the educational opportunities we provide and our focus on economic empowerment. Running through Crear is our dedication to accompanying local youth on their educational journey, from primary school through high school and beyond, fostering their personal growth, resilience, and readiness for future opportunities.

We are committed to a process of continuous reflection and measurement of our impact, always prepared to adapt when necessary, in order to ensure we are always serving the needs of our community in the best possible way. Our impact reporting provides an essential part of this reflection; An opportunity to summarise successes and achievements and to identify areas where we could further our results. 

We're delighted to use this area of the website to share our impact reports with the Crear community and welcome feedback or questions, knowing our greatest strength lies in collaborative approaches.

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“CREAR to me represents the hearts of people from all over the globe, getting involved with respect, love, and compassion, for the communities they serve. – It’s a model for many communities in every socioeconomic group.”

Mike Bessette, CREAR Supporter Since 2014

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Our vision is a community of empowered, self-motivated, responsible, and employable individuals.

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