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Andrea Keith

Andrea is originally from Texas, where she attended Austin College and graduated with a dual degree in Psychology and Spanish. During her third year at Austin College she attended La Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica and taught English. She returned to Costa Rica in January of 2008 to perform a research project on the relationship between tourism and the local culture of Costa Rica.


After graduation and working as a translator and case manager for a non-profit organization in Houston, she moved to Sámara permanently as CREAR's Program Director in January of 2009. Since then, she has helped make CREAR a sustainable program within the community and spearheaded multiple new projects including a teen English program and girls empowerment courses. 


In 2015, Andrea was awarded the Yo Creo Award for her work as a social entrepreneur. Andrea loves to surf and hang out with her black lab and CREAR's official mascot, Kimbo.

Lucas Headshot.jpg

Lucas is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee but he received his degree in Spanish and global commerce from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Lucas first came to Samara with a volunteer group in 2014 and has returned many times since then, once as a CREAR intern in 2016. Lucas is now serving as the Volunteer Coordinator and Programs Manager here at CREAR. Outside of work, Lucas enjoys all things outdoors, surfing, reading, and watching sports. 

Lucas Mozingo
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Bea was born and raised in El Torito and is a long-time friend of CREAR, serving as our English teacher in 2019-2020. This year, Bea is performing the role of Programs Manager. She is working diligently to improve our current programing and is spearheading a new career and college counseling program with the local high school.

Beatriz Jirón Arias

Andrea is a Canadian who has moved to various countries to travel and explore languages, such as Indonesia and Japan.
Andrea has been in Costa Rica for over two years. She loves learning Spanish, and she loves children!
Andrea started as a volunteer with CREAR in El Torito last year and this year she joined the team as the dedicated English teacher.
She loves getting to know the children, playing imaginative games with them, singing, doing yoga, and being silly.

Rekha Headshot .jpg
Rekha Chandrasekharan

Rekha is originally from India but she was born in Switzerland. Growing up, she spent time in both countries but completed her degree in early childhood education in Switzerland. Rekha has been working with children for over fifteen years now. She does everything from homeschooling to day care. Rekha moved from Switzerland to Costa Rica in 2014 and began teaching art classes for young people. A fun fact about Rekha is that she speaks 5 languages. Outside of work she enjoys painting, drawing, listening to music, walks through nature, spending time with family and traveling the world.

Bill Burden

Bill was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona where he earned a degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Arizona. He has worked in business, management, marketing, and sales for over 13 years in a wide range of fields. He is also a certified English teacher and holds a master's degree in International Teaching from Framingham State University. Currently, Bill is a photographer and marketer for the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. He also provides consulting in the areas of design and digital marketing for Asociación CREAR. Bill is passionate about adventures and spending time with friends and family. 

Tess McGrath

Originally from Albany, New York, Tess first volunteered at Asociacion CREAR in June of 2012 while pursuing her master’s degree in

non-profit management. After graduating from SUNY Albany, she returned to Samara and has been working closely with CREAR since. She is passionate about creating unique opportunities for growth among youth. 

Barbara Miller

Barbara is originally from California and has lived in Costa Rica since 1999. She has a double Bachelors degree in Psychology and Multicultural and Gender Studies. She holds a Masters in Educational Administration, and a Masters in TESOL. She is the founding Director of Costa Rica TEFL, an ESL teacher training school in Playa Samara. In addition to training TEFL teachers, she is often invited by the MEP (Ministry of Public Education in Costa Rica) to lead workshops in classroom management and the use of multiple intelligence activities in the EFL classroom. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring beautiful Costa Rica.

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