OUR programs

The youth, teen and adult programs we offer at CREAR are consistent, holistic, ever-growing and evolving to better fit the educational and recreational needs of the Playa Samara and El Torito communities. Our courses are free of charge to the public and focused on English language development, artistic expression, women's empowerment and community development. Each program is designed and taught by experienced professionals passionate about working hand in hand with locals toward a better future. 



Samara and El Torito English class

The youth English class is an after school program for the youth of Samara and El Torito to participate in building up the basics of understanding and speaking English. Through group activities and art projects, the students have ample opportunities to practice the fundamentals of the English language, including reading and writing. 

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Samara and El Torito Art class

CREAR offers an after school program with classes focusing on creativity, art, and  critical thinking. During this two hour art class, we try our best to inspire students to think outside the box and create fun and unique art projects using a variety of materials. We encourage our students to get messy and freely use the materials as they see fit.

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Twice a year, in January and July, two fun-filled weeks are dedicated to providing local kids with a variety of unique and creative camp activities focused on artistic expression, physical activity, environmental awareness and team-building in the Sámara and El Torito communities. Each week-long session is held in and around the town's respective Salon Comunal, and includes three hours of educational excursions to the nearby nature hikes, surfing lessons, treasure hunts, arts + crafts and field day! Check out some of the highlights from summer camp 2015 here!

In-School Environmental Health Assemblies/Community Presentations

CREAR offers free in-school educational programming about solid waste and water management, environmental health, ecological restoration of earth and water life, and environmental risk management to the students of El Torito and Playa Sámara. We supplement this program with planned field trips, activities, and presentations.




Our teen photography program seeks to teach local teens about the basics of digital photography. In addition to this, we emphasize the value of photography as a storytelling medium and also as a way in which we can promote exchange between cultures.  


After highschool without economic support, a student's opportunities to continue studying are very slim.  The cost of education, even public, is high; considering transportation, matriculation (due each semester), each credit (course of study) and more. With the help of the local high school CREAR has awarded the ADT scholarship to two students each year.