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Nestled in the beautiful center of Playa Sámara, CREAR provides supplementary educational, recreational and career opportunities to members of the rural beach communities surrounding Playa Sámara

in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Offered primarily

to community youth with limited resources, CREAR’s innovative programs focus on creative and artistic expression, English language development, socio-cultural responsibility and women’s empowerment.

check out our 2021 annual report
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Who is CREAR? 

our programs
  • English Language Classes

  • Art & Reading Activities

  • Level Up Village Courses

  • Yearly Summer Camp

  • Girls Empowerment Group & Activites

  • English Language Classes

  • Womens Empowerment Group, Workshops & Activites 

Our Goals

Here at CREAR, we're consistently striving to better ourselves and the communities we serve. The tight-knit nature of Playa Sámara and the surrounding areas makes it possible for us to reach out to many diverse groups of people, providing us with endless opportunities to continue acting as a catalyst towards a brighter future for all, including CREAR.


Here are some ways we hope to improve our organization and continue growing within and beyond our communities, as well as how

you can help us reach our goals!



For a Brighter Future...

After high school, opportunities to continue studying are very slim for many young people in the area of Samara and El Torito, Costa Rica. The cost of post-secondary education is high considering transportation, matriculation, tuition and other costs.


Thus many youth often start and then cannot continue, or they take breaks in study and find returning difficult.


With the help of the local community and donors like you, CREAR would like to award the ADT scholarship to two students each year. Learn More at the Link below.

crear by the numbers
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