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Inspiration with the Magic of Colors

Let’s unwind the story of the CREAR art program; the protagonist of whom is our art teacher, Diana. We hold enormous gratitude for Diana’s professional art classes and her encouraging attitude towards the local children. Diana graduated from college with a major in graphic design after studying fine arts at Candido Millan University in Caracas, where she specialized in various techniques such as vitrofusion, goldsmith, and enamel on metal. Following, Diana worked in an art gallery for ten years and developed her own jewelry brand, Diana Florez Joyeria Contemporanea, while doing so. In 2018, she moved from Venezuela to Costa Rica, where she has been working for CREAR since. Diana explains how

A Remarkable Afternoon in Torito

On August 18th, CREAR organized an event called Sunday of Games and Ice Cream. The event reached out to children living outside of Samara in El Torito, as well as a group of children who travelled to Costa Rica from California. Lucy, CREAR’s administrative coordinator, was in charge of planning and hosting the activities. With a passion for active social change, Lucy organizes activities that push true growth between communities of differing social constructs. The afternoon spent in Torito serves as an excellent example of the power of multicultural involvement. The children yelled “Pulpo! Pulpo! Pulpo!” as they ran around the soccer field of Torito. With large smiles and sparkling eyes, the

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