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January 2013 - Where are we now?

Greetings from La Asociacion CREAR. We hope you all are having a very happy new year! Like always, CREAR is keeping busy, and the association is excited because they have moved into a new location and just wrapped up the annual summer camp for the children of Samara and El Torito!

At the beginning of the month CREAR received the news that Intercultura Samara Lanuage School was going to offer a new location for the thriving afterschool program (ASP). The new space provides ample room for the organization to expand, providing more office space, more accessible library space, and a huge garden area that is ideal for the ASP and a number of educational activities. The new space is located right across from Intercultura, as part of the new “Anexo” for their Spanish language classes. CREAR is currently taking advantage of the new location space, please stop by and say hi, Mon-Thurs 10-2pm.

CREAR is also happy to announce the completion of their 5th annual January summer camp, a free 2 week camp offered to the children of Samara and El Torito, during their summer vacations. The theme of this year’s camp was Environmental offering a variety of recycled art projects, accompanied by science experiments, investigations on the beach, ecological walks, baking with solar ovens and more! The camp wrapped up with a big party in El Torito on Friday the 25th, with over 65 children in attendance.

This year´s camp would not have been possible it if wasn’t for the help of CREAR´s amazing volunteers, and the help of local business and their donations. A big thanks to our volunteers, Kristen, Tess, Madisen, Stefanie, Tom, Elis, Anna, Glenda, Claudia, Miranda, Catherine, and Sonya, thank you all for your tireless efforts and enthusiasm with the program! Also many thanks to the local businesses, Intercultura Samara Language School, La Tarantela, Samara Trails, Café Carolas, Carrillo Adventures, Tico Adventure Lodge, and the El Torito pulperias, your contributions help offer a free year round ASP to over 200 local children.

If you are curious about camp, please visit our page on Facebook (Asociacion CREAR) to see all of the wonderful photos of the great activities that have taken place in Playa Samara during the last two weeks! It has been a lot of fun! Our regular program is set to begin February 11th, first session in Samara at 10:30am (for 4th to 6th graders) at the new location, aka La Casa CREAR. Session two in Samara is from 12pm to 1pm (1st-3rd graders) in La Casa CREAR and in El Torito from 1:30pm to 2:30, Salon Comunal.

If you have any questions about CREAR or are interested in becoming involved please email us at info@asociacioncrear.organd stay tuned via Facebook: Asociación CREAR.

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