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Change for the Better: Developing Local Relationships for Strategic Enhancement of our English Progr

We would like to take the time to appreciate Beatriz, our English teacher.

Having grown up in El Torito, a local area of low income, Beatriz is excited for the opportunity to give back to her community. We are just as excited to work with her and witness the ways in which she inspires a love for learning in our students. After graduating high school, Beatriz recognized a need for child-care in the nearby community of Carrillo and addressed this by starting a self-run day care business that she operated for one year. She then attended the Instituto de Turismo in San Jose, Costa Rica and successfully finished her degree in two years. After a decade-long career in real estate, Beatriz received her TEFL certification in Samara and joined the CREAR team in 2019.

In addition to bringing energy and positivity to the CREAR team, Beatriz brings something new and incredibly effective to the CREAR English classes: successful collaboration. After joining CREAR, Beatriz immediately began to forge relationships with the local public-school English teachers. By communicating with the teachers in our local schools, Beatriz is able to cater CREAR activities to specifically supplement the existing public-school curriculum. Because CREAR classes correlate directly to their classes in school, the relevance of our English program is made very clear.

Not only are kids doing well in English class and scoring highly on their exams, they are also gaining something much more important for their future: a love of learning that will propel them toward success for the rest of their lives. Having a positive and inquisitive attitude toward learning is essential for long-term academic achievement and will contribute to efforts to cultivate an active and educated community in Samara and El Torito.

Two CREAR students from the El Torito community recently brought perfect scores on their last English exams. The next day they came into their CREAR English class beaming with pride, excitedly thanking Beatriz for her help with exam preparation in English class. Here, we can see a tangible product of the hard work and dedication of our students here at CREAR coupled with Beatriz’s communication and ingenuity.

These young students now know how good it feels to succeed in English class, and they will inevitably want to do it again.Thanks to the Beatriz’s efforts, CREAR’s English program has evolved into a specifically targeted and relevant learning environment that fosters academic success in addition to simply learning the English language.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Beatriz’s work here at CREAR. By helping to plant the seed for intellectual growth in each of the students who attend our classes and camps, Beatriz is an integral part of the large-scale supplemental education program that CREAR will continue to nourish for years to come with English and Art education programs and our new in-school environmental education program.

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